Fall Bucket List Ideas

Fall Bucket List Ideas

As fall rolls in, folks are preparing for cooler weather, pulling out their favorite sweaters, and enjoying the turning leaves. Fall is time for slowing down. It’s a great season to enjoy family time, explore new places, and simply enjoy the world around you before the quiet time of winter sets in. 

But it’s all too easy to let modern life get in the way of enjoying this beautiful time of year. There is always laundry, dishes, and commitments that pull us away from doing what we really want to do. That’s why it’s so important to start a bucket list.

37 Fall Bucket List Ideas

Add some of these fall bucket list ideas to your to-do list so you don’t let fall slip by without enjoying some seasonal fun!

  • Go pumpkin picking
  • Enjoy a corn maze
  • Decorate for Halloween with the family
  • Bob for apples
  • Go to a harvest celebration (or host your own)
  • Make pumpkin treats
  • Do a nature scavenger hunt
  • Make cider donuts
  • Build a scarecrow
  • Roast pumpkin seeds
  • Rake leaves (then jump in them!)
  • Take a hayride
  • Buy a new fall outfit
  • Climb a tree
  • Wear flannel
  • Make apple treats
  • Launch an apple or pumpkin
  • Go on an Autumn picnic
  • Make seasonal crafts
  • Paint a pumpkin
  • Make and drink apple cider
  • Decorate for Thanksgiving with the family
  • Buy a new fall sweater
  • Go apple picking
  • Go leaf-peeping
  • Have a campfire
  • Make Halloween costumes
  • Dress up your pet too!
  • Plant bulbs for the spring
  • Make a pumpkin latte
  • Decorate Gingerbread Men for Halloween
  • Watch a football game (or play one yourself!)
  • Gather acorns or sunflower seeds
  • Make a feast
  • Decorate for Christmas with the family
  • Watch holiday movies
  • Sing Christmas songs

Recording Your Fall Memories

Making a bucket list is a great way to ensure that you don’t let the season slip away without doing fun seasonal activities. But having a place to record your memories makes the experience that much more special. That’s why we’ve created bucket journals for you to plan your bucket list ideas as well as record what you did (and how much fun it was!). Here are our favorite bucket journals for fall:

  • The Fall Bucket Journal - Our DIGITAL Fall Bucket Journal has 38 pages of ideas and calendars to help you make the most of the fall season. Bucket list topics include a photo challenge, self care week, and cozy your home for the season. Plus 108 fall bucket list ideas.  
  • Fall & Halloween Bucket Journal - great for kids, this journal contains fall and Halloween inspired bucket list ideas plus space to record your adventures and add stickers. 
  • Christmas Bucket Journal - Christmas season permeates throughout the fall (even if the day technically falls in winter). This bucket journal will help your kids make the most of the season by making notes and adding stickers. 

How to Use a Bucket Journal

If you’ve never tried a bucket journal before, you’re in for a treat! Each bucket journal contains pages of bucket list items to enjoy and check off the list. Each bucket list item has space for notes about what you did as well as space for a photo or drawing. Kids love to use these bucket journals to record their favorite memories! There is also space to add your own bucket list ideas, so you can truly customize these bucket journals.

Are you ready to enjoy your fall season with a bucket journal?

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