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Take Up Geocaching at These Colorado State Parks

What comes to mind when you think about Colorado State Parks? Even if you've never stepped foot in the Centennial State, you likely have images of dramatic Rocky Mountain vistas and colorful wildflower meadows popping into your head. 

It's no secret that Colorado is full of idyllic natural beauty. But what you might not know is that several Colorado State Parks contain hidden treasures—just waiting to be discovered. 

We're talking about geocaching!

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a technology-aided, global treasure hunt for all ages to enjoy. Participants use a GPS device to find small boxes (the geocache) of random trinkets and souvenirs left behind by other players. 

The rules of geocaching are simple—upon finding a geocache, take something from the box (if you want) and leave something of your own. Sign the logbook and return the box to the exact same spot that you found it. 

When you've returned from your hike, record your findings online for fellow seekers to view. And that's all there is to it! 

People find so much joy in geocaching because it's a fun physical and mental challenge. Whether you go by yourself or with a group, geocaching can encourage you to experience new places in your own neighborhood or on the other side of the planet! 

Geocaching in Colorado State Parks

Now back to Colorado State Parks! All 19 of these Colorado State Parks contain at the very least one geocache just waiting to be discovered.  

  • Jackson Lake State Park is also known as the "oasis of the plains." This Colorado State Park is located in northeast Colorado and is home to two geocaches. 
  • Cheyenne Mountain State Park is where you can find several hidden caches while taking in the dazzling views of Colorado Springs and more!
  • Lory State Park is located in north-central Colorado and features 26 miles of trails, but just one geocache. 
  • Eleven Mile State Park is located in central Colorado and is known for incredible fishing, but geocachers will also have plenty to explore here, too.
  • Ridgway State Park is located in southwest Colorado, offering stunning mountain views and four geocaches.
  • Staunton State Park is a popular Colorado State Park for its varied wildlife, landscapes and activities—including more than 20 hidden caches! 
  • State Forest State Park is located in north-central Colorado, and home to ten geocaches, including five all-season caches for those looking to test their treasure hunting skills in the snow.
  • Highline Lake State Park features 11 challenging-to-discover geocaches in west-central Colorado—not far from the Utah border. 
  • Chatfield State Park is a well-known Colorado State Park just south of Denver for hiking, biking, boating and more. Peacefully seek geocaches in the wildlife abundant Platte River valley. 
  • Mueller State Park sits in central Colorado and is where you can find four geocaches among its 50 miles of hiking and biking trails. 
  • Barr Lake State Park is northeast of Denver, surrounding Barr Lake. With more than eight miles of trails, this is an excellent spot for a treasure hunt. 
  • Boyd Lake State Park is a watersport lover's dream destination in northern Colorado. But, Geocache-hunters can find a variety of trinket boxes here, too!
  • Steamboat Lake State Park is a Colorado State Park packed with fun all year long, from swimming and fishing in the summer to skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. You’ll discover several geocaches hiding out here, too. 
  • Golden Gate Canyon State Park sits just west of Denver, offering some of the most striking mountain and meadow views imaginable. You're in for a real treat if you begin your geocaching journey here! 
  • Mancos State Park is located in Colorado's southwest corner and boasts picturesque views around Jackson Gulch Reservoir—a popular spot for boating, fishing and swimming. Go geocaching here and you’ll be perfectly positioned to explore all that the Four Corners region has to offer!
  • Lathrop State Park was the first state park in Colorado, located in the state's south-central region. It's home to two pristine lakes, numerous hiking trails and five geocaches. 
  • Trinidad Lake State Park is in southeast Colorado near the New Mexico border. Six geocaches are hidden in this scenic park for courageous treasure hunters to uncover! 
  • Eldorado Canyon State Park is just south of Boulder and a well-known spot for rock climbing and hiking among some of the most striking sandstone cliffs around. Go geocaching here and you're sure to fall in love with this Colorado State Park! 
  • Sylvan Lake State Park is north of Aspen in the very heart of the Southern Rockies. Here you can find just one geocache within the park. However, several others loom just beyond the park boundaries. 

Once you get the hang of geocaching and all that this modern-day treasure hunt entails, you could try your hand at creating and hiding a cache of your very own! Be sure to read up on the geocache hiding guidelines, though, first.

Colorado State Parks and Beyond! 

Whether you're going it alone or bringing the family to go geocaching, you'll definitely want to pack a Colorado State Park Bucket Journal to record your most memorable moments! 

Take note of where you found your first geocache, the trinkets you take and leave behind and how excited the kids were to participate in a global, real-life treasure hunt. 

There are endless possibilities for what you might see and experience while geocaching in these Colorado State Parks. But the real genius of the game is that you could likely find geocaches hidden in state parks all across the country! 

Give it a try today, and you'll more than likely end up hooked on geocaching! 

If you could pick just one Colorado State Park to go geocaching in, which would one you choose? 


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