Our New Fulfillment Center Is Open

Our New Fulfillment Center Is Open

We have some exciting things happening at My Bucket Journals. Our new Hutto Texas fulfillment center is now open!

We are all hands on deck for getting your holiday orders filled quickly and efficiently. Let's take a peek behind the scenes. 

It Feels Official, the New Sign is Installed 

We had a local company, BNB Signs & Car Wraps, take our logo and make a special sign for the window. From the outside it looks solid and you can't see through it. From the inside it looks like a magical sign - it let's in plenty of light and you can see right through it. It's called a "perforated window decal."

Who knew?


Receiving Titles from the Printer

The shelving is installed in our 1500 square foot space and we are receiving regular shipments from our printer in Kentucky. 

Even with a pallet loader, it takes some muscle to move around all those boxes! Each one has 25 to 30 journals inside. It looks like we have Missouri State Parks Bucket Journals (MOSP), Idaho State Parks Bucket Journals (IDSP), and 52 Dates Bucket Journals (52DAT) to unpack.


Pallets Stacked Up to the Roof

The nice thing about this space is the ceiling height. Even though we only have 1500 square feet, it's been almost tripled with the shelving.

Journals stay in their original packaging until we are ready to fill your order. This keeps them away from the Texas humidity so they are in pristine shape when they get to you.  


Packing Stations with Everything We Need

There are three packing stations in the warehouse so we have the poly bags, boxes and packing materials right within reach. We've started to add a rigid cardboard piece to the orders that fit into poly bags. This gives the journal corners more protection during shipping. 


The Shelves are Full

You may have already discovered that there are lots of problems with shipping and receiving orders this holiday season.

The Hutto Fulfillment Center gives us control over the whole order fulfillment process. And because we aren't waiting on someone else, we are now able to make (most) changes to orders when you call. Orders are currently being filled the day after they are placed. 

Our local post office has been a dream to work with. They are truly excited for us and bring a truck and pick up our orders every. FedEx send a truck for express and ground deliveries every day too. 

When you get your Bucket Journal we hope you'll imagine it being picked from the shelves, packaged at a fulfillment station and sent to you with care. 

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