Tips for Making Journaling Part of Your Vacation Routine

Tips for Making Journaling Part of Your Vacation Routine

Vacations are all about creating long-lasting memories. One way to enhance those memories and to share them with others is journaling. Documenting your experiences and feelings is going to be valuable both in the moment, and in the future.  But first, you have to commit to doing it. A big part of that is making journaling easy, which we’ll cover in a minute. 

Let’s review a few tips for making journaling part of your vacation routine.

Make Journaling Easy

Don’t make it a huge deal, and it’ll be simpler to get it done. For example, it’s easier to use a notebook and paper than a computer for most people, especially when you’re on vacation. You can carry one of our Bucket Journals in your bag or wherever you go throughout the day. The idea is to have it handy at all times, so when inspiration strikes, your journal is within reach and all you have to do is open it up and start writing.

Choose a Time That Works

The best times to do it are first thing in the morning or the last thing before you go to bed. However, that might not work for some people. If you find a better time, do it. For example, some people like journaling while on lunch or on the bus. Others prefer to write as they’re waiting for their coffee to be ready. Yes, even five minutes of journaling each morning can add up over time, as long as you do it consistently! 

Get a Drink or a Snack

Imagine you’re on vacation... You’re going on a day trip and after a few hours of walking and sightseeing, you finally get a chance to sit down and have a snack and a glass of ice cold water. Once you quench that thirst, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to pull out your journal and jot down a few thoughts. Even if you’re short on time, you can write a few bullet points and expand on them later.

Create (or find) a Comfortable and Accessible Space

It’s easier to get into your thoughts if you’re comfortable and not thinking about how bad your tailbone hurts or your wrist hurts. Some people like using a desk, some a comfy easy chair, others prefer their bed. Find that comfy place or put it together, and use it to write in your journal! 

Combine It with Other Vacation Activities

Whether you’re out hiking or sitting by a pool, or maybe enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a sunny patio, why not take advantage of a few minutes break and journal in that moment. Even if you won’t add a ton of content every time you write, those bits add up over time!

Add Some Relaxing Music to Set the Mood

For some people being on vacation means being always on the go: visiting places, going from one destination to the next via train or plane, hiking, camping, and more. But for others, being on vacation equals more “me” time: enjoying the quiet moments, relaxing on the couch with a book or listening to music. If that’s you, then some of your favorite tunes might be the perfect inspiration for journaling. Just make sure you have your Bucket Journal handy.

Use a Particular Type of Journal for Your Vacation

Are you thinking of visiting any of our National Parks on your vacation? Then you’ll love our National Parks Bucket Journals. Passionate about faith? Our Faith Journals are perfect for you, whether you're on vacation or not! If you want to visit specific states, we have State Journals.

Reward Yourself For Sticking With It

When you have been diligent for a month writing in your journal, take some time to read what you wrote, then reward yourself for doing it. You might buy some colored pens or some scrapbooking materials so you can add some definition and interest to your journal. Or, you can buy more of our Bucket Journals 

To truly experience the full benefits of journaling, it needs to be done consistently, and that includes vacations! Use our tips to make it a part of your daily routine.

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