16 Staycation Bucket List Ideas for Families

May 28, 2020

16 Staycation Bucket List Ideas for Families

Are you considering a staycation this year over a traditional vacation travel plan? Staycations are becoming more and more popular as people recognize the amazing things there are to do in their own town, city, or backyard! 

But staycations can easily turn into a lazy weekend if you’re not careful. That’s where a staycation bucket list comes in. A bucket list not only gives you great ideas for your staycation, but it also helps you to plan. 

A staycation bucket list helps your family actually do some of the activities you would like to do while away from work and school.

Why a Staycation?

You might be wondering why so many families are going with staycations over traditional vacations. For some, it might be a financial decision and for others, it might be a desire not to travel. In any case, a staycation is an excellent way to get the rest and relaxation you need while building memories with the family. 

Here are some reasons to choose a staycation over a vacation:

Save Money 

By staying in your hometown you can save a lot of money on travel expenses. If you stay in your own home, you can save even more. Staying at home also means you can eat some meals at home, reducing the cost of your staycation even more. 

Healthier Eating

Being able to cook your own meals also means you can eat healthier items (and save take out and restaurant foods for special outings). If you’re worried about the mess, consider hiring help for the week.

More Relaxation

Planning and packing for a trip is an exhausting feat. Staying at home means you don’t have to arrange a hotel room, rental car, plane tickets, and then pack (your own stuff as well as the kids’!). 

A staycation means you can spend more time and energy planning fun activities or you can simply relax in your own backyard.

See Your Town or City in a New Light 

A staycation is a great way to see all that your hometown has to offer. When looking at your town through a tourist’s eyes you might find some hidden gems that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

16 Staycation Bucket List Ideas for the Family

Planning is important when it comes to staycations (or any vacation!) if you want to be intentional with your time. That’s why a staycation bucket list is a great idea! 

Here are some family summer bucket list ideas to add to your bucket list:

  • Visit a local museum
  • Have a picnic at the park
  • Go on a nature walk
  • Stargaze and learn the constellations
  • Throw a karaoke party
  • Make a domino maze
  • Visit your local zoo
  • Camp in the backyard (and make smores!)
  • Try a new restaurant or conduct a tasting tour of the town
  • Have a beach or pool party
  • Watch a matinee movie at the theater
  • Watch a classic movie at home
  • Try geocaching
  • Visit your closest national park
  • Tour a local factory or brewery
  • Visit your local historical sites & parks

Bucket List Journals for Your Staycation

Want to get your kids on board with staycation activities? Consider grabbing a bucket list journal to hep track and journal about your adventures:

These bucket journals are a great way to inspire creative activities while offering a space to record your memories right inside. 

What are your favorite staycation bucket list ideas? 

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