7 Beautiful Washington State Parks Where You Can Stay in a Yurt

August 03, 2021

a yurt with a deck, picnic table and chair outside the front door. Has a text overlay saying Beautiful Washington state parks where you can stay in a yurt.

You might be familiar with tent or RV camping, and you've likely stayed in a lodge or cabin before. You may have even done a few backwoods adventures, backpacking into primitive campsites. 

But have you ever stayed in a yurt? Yurts are not new inventions, but they are becoming increasingly popular overnight lodging options, especially across the northern United States. 

We can't think of a better place to enjoy your first (or next) yurt experience than at one of these gorgeous Washington State Parks!

What's a Yurt?

Before we get to talking about the state parks in Washington where yurts are available for rent, let's discuss what a yurt is and why you would want to rent one. 

Yurts are thoughtfully designed shelters that originated in nomadic Asian cultures thousands of years ago. They were designed to be portable, lightweight and energy-efficient. 

When built with precision, yurts offer robust protection against the elements while also being a low-cost, sustainable building option. Yurts are traditionally round in shape with domed roofs. 

Staying in a yurt is a fun, unique experience that you must try at least once! You'll feel closely connected to your natural surroundings while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of safe and warm interiors. 

Washington State Parks with Yurts for Rent

The yurts you'll find in Washington State Parks are made with durable canvas material and sleep between five and six people. Each park offers slightly different amenities and services, so be sure to do your research to know what's included with your reservations. 

Cape Disappointment State Park

Cape Disappointment State Park sits along the southernmost tip of Long Beach Peninsula at the confluence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. 

The yurts at this state park are within walking distance from the beach! Plus, this is an excellent place to visit if you are looking for those iconic coastal views and lighthouses.

Twin Harbors State Park

Another coastal park with so much to offer, including yurts, is Twin Harbors State Park. On blue-sky days, the colors of the ocean, sand and grassy dunes can fill you with joy, while storm chasers will enjoy watching clouds take shape over the deep blue water.

Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

Skilled river kayakers have likely heard about this Washington State Park and the Green River running through it. The rapids are not for the faint of heart!

For those more comfortable on land, this park is a lovely place to get away and enjoy the peacefulness of nature with leisurely trails and a shoreline along the river to explore. 

Grayland Beach State Park

Spend the day at Grayland Beach, playing in the Pacific Ocean and at night, retreat to your yurt (within walking distance) for a relaxing evening camping along the coast. 

The neat thing about this park is that yurts are available year-round. So you could comfortably experience every season at Washington's Pacific Coast if you wanted! 

Pacific Beach State Park

This Washington State Park is a small camping park along the Pacific Ocean. Visitors enjoy spending the day at the beach, flying kites and building sandcastles. 

In the evening, have a fire on the beach and roast smores. Imagine how neat it would be to lay your head down at night and still be so close to the ocean!

Seaquest State Park

We couldn't talk about Washington State Parks without mentioning Mount St. Helens. At Seaquest State Park, yurts are within walking distance of the Mount St. Helens' visitor center. 

Enjoy exploring this densely forested area and Silver Lake, too!

Paradise Point State Park

Paradise Point is just north of Portland, offering a fun little escape for families to enjoy. A riverfront beach is a popular location in the summer, and a scenic two-mile hike makes for an energizing way to start the day! 

New Experiences Every Visit

a person holding a coil bound Washington state parks bucket journal

Whether you stay in a yurt, tent camp or bring your RV, you are sure to enjoy each of these Washington State Parks. The Pacific Northwest is truly a nature lover's dream to explore, and you're bound to find something new to experience every time you return. 

Which is precisely why you need a Washington State Parks Bucket Journal. Write down where you built your first campfire along the coast. Make a list of what you should remember to bring next time you stay in a yurt. 

Or use your bucket journal to jot down notes about the plants and wildlife you saw along your latest favorite hike. Whatever you decide to record in your bucket journal can be used to influence return trips for years to come!

Is yurt camping at any of these Washington State Parks on your bucket list?


a yurt with a deck, picnic table and chair outside the front door. Has a text overlay saying Beautiful Washington state parks where you can stay in a yurt.

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