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7 Wisconsin State Parks Featuring Amazing Waterfalls

Wisconsin State Parks eloquently display the state's vast physical features, from sandstone gorges to lush rolling prairies and even sunny beaches along Lake Michigan. 

Yet, did you know that the Badger State is home to more than 40 waterfalls? 

Nature enthusiasts will rejoice to learn they can see a handful of these beauties up close by visiting any of these seven Wisconsin State Parks! 

Interstate State Park

Interstate State Park was established in 1900 and is the oldest state park in Wisconsin. Located northeast of Minneapolis-St. Paul, this park is home to an 18-foot tall waterfall named Silverbrook Falls. 

Hike Silverbrook Trail, a 1.2-mile path rich with wildlife (and history!) to reach this enticing point of interest. Enjoy traversing through diverse ecological habitats and pass an abandoned copper mine along your way, too. 

Amnicon Falls State Park

Located in the northwest corner of Wisconsin, just 27-minutes south of Duluth, Minnesota, Amnicon Falls State Park is an excellent place to plan your next outdoor adventure.

Here you can hike along a portion of the 45.5-mile-long Amnicon River that eventually flows into Lake Superior. A relatively flat quarter-mile trail takes you to the three major cascades. Continue along the path (two miles total) to discover smaller (but just as enchanting!) falls.

Governor Dodge State Park

Just 55-miles west of Madison, Wisconsin, sits Governor Dodge State Park. Here you'll find the picturesque Stephen's Falls.

As you walk through the lush wooded forest along Stephen's Falls Trail, you'll feel like you've been transported to a fairytale world. The woodland ferns and a pleasant stream flowing alongside the path will leave you feeling refreshed when it's time to return to the modern world.

Willow River State Park

The gorgeous rolling cascades at Willow River State Park are a sight not to be missed! Just east of Minneapolis, Minnesota, you'll find this historical area first inhabited by Native Americans. 

The quickest route to reach this popular destination is the 0.4-mile hike along Willow Falls Hill Trail. Be prepared to climb a steep hill if you choose this path, though!

Meander down Pioneer Trail (1.2-miles) or Willow Falls Trail (1-mile) for a much more scenic experience leading up to the main event. Plan for extra time to stop at historic gravesites and to view the abundant wildlife along the way.

Pattison State Park

Just 15 miles south of Duluth, Minnesota, you'll find Pattison State Park—home to Big Manitou Falls, Wisconsin's tallest waterfall measuring 165 feet high. 

Multiple trails in this Wisconsin State Park offer views to this massive spectacle. Use this field guide provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to enhance your hiking experience to the falls.

Wyalusing State Park

For those looking for softer, slow-flowing waters, Wyalusing State Park is for you! Located in the southwest corner near the Iowa border, this is one of the oldest state parks in Wisconsin. 

Two trails at Wyalusing State Park feature smaller waterfalls flowing over limestone outcroppings. Sand Cave Trail is a 1.6-mile hike offering an excellent view of the Wisconsin River. 

Hike Sugar Maple Nature Trail (a 1.5-mile loop) to learn more about the area's plants and wildlife through various informational signs. 

Copper Falls State Park

Just south of Lake Superior in Mellen, Wisconsin, you'll find another well-known Wisconsin State Park featuring several spectacular falls.

Doughboy's Nature Trail is a 1.7-mile hike leading to the magnificent Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls, and the cascades at Tyler Forks. 

Red Granite Falls Trail is a 2.5-mile hike that eventually leads to the edge of the Bad River. Here you can view the fast-moving water flowing over numerous large granite rocks.

Unforgettable Experiences Deserve to Be Recorded

Whether your next Wisconsin State Park adventure is in search of impressive waterfalls, thrilling scenic views, or something else entirely, having a Wisconsin State Parks Bucket Journal on hand is a must! 

Use this journal to record your trip highlights, something funny your children do, or the feelings you had gazing up at an incredible waterfall. 

You're going to walk away from every state park visit with memories you won't want to forget. Honor your trips and memories by recording them all in your bucket journal!

Which Wisconsin State Park will you be visiting to gaze at some incredible waterfalls?

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