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Zoo Bucket Journal for Kids

Zoo Bucket Journal for Kids

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People of all ages enjoy heading out to the zoo and experiencing animals that they would never be able to see in the wild. It is an experience that never gets old.

The Zoo Bucket Journal for Kids (ages K to grade 4) is the perfect companion to our Zoo Bucket Journal series for youth and adults.

There are many benefits to encourage kids to journal about their zoo adventure. Journaling teaches kids to:
  • Be observant.
  • Learn about the animals they encounter.
  • Journal about their daily activities so it becomes a lifelong habit. 

After your trip. this 44-page activity bucket journal will become a personalized book so children can look back on their experience and remember the things they learned.

Pages include:

Color the animal's pages let you be creative as you color and write about the animals you see.

  • Do they have a name?
  • Where do they live in the wild?
  • What did you see them doing today? 

Play Find These Things as you do a search for 20 fun animals

  • That have big ears
  • That can swim
  • Making a loud noise
  • And many more 

Play Zoo Bingo with a friend or family member, Listen for the Sounds of the Zoo.

Journal your favorite animals, facts, and adventures of the day, then draw your favorite zoo animal.

Print Size: 4.25  inches wide by 6.825 inches tall

Delivered as: saddle-stitch paperback journal

Page Count: 44 pages

This Bucket Journal comes in other versions:

Zoo Bucket Journal for Kids- digital

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