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Golf Bucket Journal - Spiral

Golf Bucket Journal - Spiral

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Many avid golfers have a mental bucket list of the courses they want to play in their lifetime. These courses could be the 100 closest to your home or the top 100 in the USA.  Either way, you’ll need a place to plan and record that momentous goal. 

That’s where the Golf Bucket Journal can help. 

How to Use Your Golf Bucket Journal 

Use pages 4 through 8 to list the 100 courses you want to play. This can be used as a master bucket list of ideas ahead of time, and a table of contents for your journal after you play.  

Then, once you play the course use the individual golf course pages to record your experience of the day.  

  • Remember the date and time you played, plus the people who joined you on the course.
  • Record the conditions of the course and some memorable moments that happened. What one thing would you tell others about this course if they were going to play it?
  • Keep track of your stats for each round. Your longest drive, the best shot of the day, and several other milestones. 
  • Record your score and then reflect and journal about your experience of the day.

As you play your way through your golf bucket list, you’ll find this journal has become a lasting memory of the friends you encountered, the lessons you learned, and the hazards you were able to overcome. What a game!

Print Size: 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall

Delivered as: spiral-bound journal

Page Count: 209 pages

This Bucket Journal comes in other versions:

Golf Bucket Journal - Digital [8.5x11 inches print-ready] PDF download 

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