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52 Dates Bucket Journal - Spiral

52 Dates Bucket Journal - Spiral

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Do you ever get in a dating rut, substituting repetitive movie nights for something that could be more meaningful to your relationship?

When long-term couples take the time to have a weekly date night, they reinforce the importance of their relationship and keep the “spark” going. 

Plus, weekly date nights are fun and be just the de-stressing time your relationship needs!

The 52 Dates Bucket Journal will help your find, plan, and journal about your experiences together. Make each date count and record the memories.

Each date idea includes a dollar value, so you can choose what’s in your budget this week.

$ = 0 to $50

$$ = $50-$99

$$$ = $100+

How to Use Your 52 Dates Bucket Journal

The date ideas are grouped by topic, so decide whether you’re staying in or going out, and then skip to the section that interests you –

  • Get Out and Explore Date Ideas
  • Stay at Home Date Ideas
  • Driving Date Ideas
  • Virtual Date Ideas
  • Holiday & Seasonal Date Ideas
  • Great Outdoors Date Ideas
  • In The Community Date Ideas
  • Sports Date Ideas
  • Double Date Ideas

When you’ve decided on this week’s date, go to the next open date page and plan the day or evening. There is space for adding reservations, budgets, and notes to make this a memorable time together.

After the date, take time to journal about the experience. After one year, you’ll have a collection of fond memories to look back on again and again.

Print Size: 6 inches wide by 9 inches tall

Delivered as: spiral-bound print book

Page Count: 148 pages

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