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New York State Parks Bucket Journal - Spiral

New York State Parks Bucket Journal - Spiral

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Explore the cascading landscape of New York State, boasting 900 waterfalls in the central and finger lakes regions! Journey through glacier-cut rolling hills, rivers, canyons, and enough forest for about one acre of trees per resident - an adventure awaits!

The New York State Parks Bucket Journal includes pages dedicated to the 177 state parks, recreation areas, and preserves across New York State. These areas provide unique camping opportunities and are perfect for daytime adventures. 

How to Use Your New York State Parks Bucket Journal

Parks that offer camping or other accommodations are on blue pages.

  • Discover all the wonderful things your state park or recreational site has to offer with the website URL provided.
  • Plan out the activities you'd like to do before you go using the left side of the 2-page spread.
  • And when you arrive, use the right side to document and record all the wonderful things you experience along the way - there's even room to write about your reflections on your stay!

Parks that are Day Use Area Only are on teal pages.

Day-use parks are an exciting opportunity - even when you can't stay over. Take a day trip out to explore, or visit them while you're at other parks for a unique experience.

Capture all the remarkable moments of your New York State Park explorations in the Bucket Journal - you'll have a timeless tribute to your escapades! 

Print Size: 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall

Delivered as: sp[iral-bound journal

Page Count: 278 pages

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