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Ballparks of America Travel Guide - Printable

Ballparks of America Travel Guide - Printable

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Ballparks of America Travel Guide 2024 Edition

Do you need insight into things to do and see when traveling to the 30 Major League Parks? We prepared the Ballparks of America Travel Guide with you—our fantastic Bucket Journal™ customers—in mind.

Each Park is Thoroughly Researched with These Key Points in Mind –

  • Where can I stay around the park? Where are the local hotels and vacation rentals within walking distance?
  • What is the best way to travel in the park? Are there shuttles or transit options? Can I easily drive my car? What are the rideshare rules?
  • Ballparks are known for their good eats! What food is that park known for? What are the best places to eat within walking distance of the park? We suggest ideas for restaurants, fast food, drinks, treats, and coffee.
  • What are the top things to do in the park? We recommend five things that most people will enjoy.
  • What do the creators of My Bucket Journals recommend we should absolutely see?

Things to Keep in Mind about this Ballpark Guide in 2024 and Beyond – 

We have not included seasonal park hours and fees on purpose. These things are constantly changing, and their addition would make our guide outdated soon after it was published! It is your responsibility to check fees and hours of operation before visiting.

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