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Faith & Legacy Ultimate Couples Pack

Faith & Legacy Ultimate Couples Pack

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This special bundle is made for those who are looking to bring more structure to their prayer life and also record major life events, experiences, transformations and more. It's made of two of each of our best selling journals: Faith 365 and My Life Story

Some details about each journal:

Faith 365

  • The Faith 365 Bucket Journal gives you a place to have a daily TALK with God through prayer and record your impressions before and after.  
  • TALK stands for Thankfulness, Ask, Let go, and Keeping God in your day.

How to Use Your Faith 365 Bucket Journal

  • The daily pages are not dated so you can start your Faith 365 Bucket Journal at any time.
  • Identify three things you are Thankful for each day. Expressing gratitude to God is an integral part of prayer. Mention these blessings in your prayer as you speak with God.
  • We are commanded to Ask with sincerity of heart; blessings will come to us when we ask in faith (James 1:5)
    • We may need to ask for forgiveness for ourselves and also ask for our daily needs.
    • We may need to ask God to help with a specific challenge today.
    • There are people we want to remember in our prayers.
  • Use this space to note your worries and things that may be bothering you; that you can’t control. When you Let go and let God handle it, you can find peace.
  • After your prayers, Keep God top of mind throughout the day and keep communicating with God throughout the day. You can do this by looking for blessings, big and small, and recognizing opportunities to help others. 
  • We’ve provided 365 daily NIV Bible scripture references to inspire your faith, encourage your service, and give you comfort in trials.
  • It can be a record of one year of hopes, dreams, struggles, and blessings,
  • Can give you insight into how God works in your life through prayer.  

My Life Story Bucket Journal

  • This journal is laid out in chapters chronologically from your childhood to adulthood, and everything in between.
  • There are numerous questions you can answer in each chapter about parts of your life, from growing up to marriage, to your work life and your hobbies.

Chapters Include: 

  • Basic Information About Me 
  • Childhood Memories 
  • Fun & Friends 
  • Family Ties 
  • School Days - Your Elementary & Middle School Years
  • High School & Teen Years
  • Young Adult Years
  • Jobs & Careers
  • Relationships & Marriage
  • Parenthood
  • Community & Hobbies
  • Retirement Years
  • Reflecting Back On Life
  • Twenty Questions
  • Additional Awesome Questions
  • A Few Of My Favorite Things

The information you write in this journal will become priceless to your current loved ones and those not even born yet. Your memories and stories are powerful connections to their past and can be therapeutic for you to think about and record.

  • Journal Size: 8.5x11 Inches, plastic coil binding, 145 pages.
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