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Haunted Places Bucket Journal - Spiral

Haunted Places Bucket Journal - Spiral

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Prepare to be scared!

Haunted places have always been part of our culture. We perpetuate them in stories and talk about them in local lore. We use them to warn children of unsafe places, and for a good fright around Halloween. 

But are they stories or real? If you have them on your haunted places bucket list, why not visit them and decide.

In our 101 Haunted Places Bucket Journal, you’ll find individual pages for 101 well-known haunted places in America. With pages for two haunted places in each state, plus Washington DC.

Whether you choose to fill out each page as you visit the location or take a virtual tour ahead of time doesn’t matter. Each of these 101 places is guaranteed to make your hair stand on end.  

  • Research the history of each place and learn about the hauntings. Who and what makes this place so spooky?
  • How is this location mentioned in popular culture? Have there been movies made, books written, or was it featured on a podcast? Watch, read, and listen to these background stories to enhance your trip.
  • Journal about YOUR experiences at this haunted place.  

We’ve also included 20 blank pages to use as you discover the local hauntings that interest you. Look for real haunted houses in your town, old mansions, caves, cemeteries, and forts with a local story to tell. 

Do you have enough nerve to visit all 101 haunted places?

Print Size: 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall

Delivered as: spiral-bound journal

Page Count: 128 pages

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Haunted Places Bucket Journal - Digital (PDF Print Ready) Download

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