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Monuments & Parks Travel Pack

Monuments & Parks Travel Pack

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If you're passionate about your nation's heritage AND about its nature, then you're going to LOVE this new bundle we just launched! It contains the  National Monuments Bucket Journal and the National Parks Bucket Journal.

Some details about each journal:

National Monuments Bucket Journal 

  • Includes 130 National Monuments and Parks covering 52.2 million acres of beautiful land to enjoy.
  • Even more preserves, reserves, memorials, and monuments. 
  • 17 categories of national treasures for you to explore.
  • it is organized into 6 regions (Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northwest) and then alphabetically by state.

How to Use Your National Monuments Bucket Journal.

Parks that offer camping or other accommodations are on orange pages

  • Search out details about the state park or recreational site by using the website URL provided. Have fun planning the things you want to see on the left side of the 2-page spread.
  • This is best done before you take your trip but can be done while you are out exploring.
  • On the right side, chronicle everything that you do and experience. Record who you were with, how you got there, and the views and vistas you loved the most.
  • There is a dedicated space on this page to add a postcard, ticket stub, picture, or drawing. Get creative as you personalize your journal.

Parks that are Day Use Area Only are on red pages.

  • Day-use parks are still fun to visit, even if you can’t sleep there.
  • Visit them when you are staying at other overnight parks or use them as day trip excursions to get out and explore.
  • Journal Size 8.5x11 Inches, plastic coil binding, 204 pages.

National Parks Bucket Journal

Includes a 131-page Digital Travel Guide highlighting each of the 63 National Parks. 

We spent over 100 hours researching the topics you wanted the most!

  • Where do you get food and gas?
  • What lodging is available?
  • What are the top things to do?
  • How do you get around in the park?
  • And so much more!

Use it as a place to record your trips and then look back at the adventures you experienced with family and friends.

It is organized into six regions (Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northwest) and then alphabetically,

You can choose an area where you live or will soon visit and see the National Parks that are around you without flipping through the whole book.

This journal was last UPDATED in September 2022, so it's fresh for your 2023 adventures! Each of the 63 National Parks has its own 2-page spread. 

On page one, you'll find

  • Plenty of room to plan, discover, and document your trip. 
  • An area to learn more about the park and plan the attractions you want to see.
  • A fun “by the numbers” section can be filled out before you visit the park or used as a discovery activity while you are there.
  • A QR code for the park., Scan it and go directly to the page.
  • A section to write interesting information about the history of the park. 

The second page gives you a place to make your trip personal  

  • Record who you were with.
  • How you traveled to the park.
  • The views and vistas you loved the most.
  • Use the dedicated space on this page to add a park stamp.
  • Get creative as you personalize your journal!
  • Includes additional pages with information to make your trip successful. We want you to experience every inch of your national parks!
  • Journal Size 8.5x11 Inches, plastic coil binding, 138 pages.
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